Replens Long Lasting Vaginal Moisturiser

Female Health and Genitourinary
Pack size
35g tube and reusable applicator
Legal Status


Long lasting vaginal moisturiser. Helps replenish internal vaginal moisture, alleviate vaginal dryness symptoms such as discomfort, itch, irritation and provide more comfortable intimacy. One application provides up to 3 days' relief.

Format and Ingredients

Tube and re-usable applicator


Adults: apply once every 3 days. Remove cap from tube and break seal on tube opening by puncturing it with the opposite end of the cap. Screw the open end of the applicator onto the tube. Pull the end of the applicator gently until you come to a natural halt. Squeeze the tube to fill the empty part of the barrel with approx. 4cm of the gel. Unscrew the applicator from the tube and replace cap. While sitting, standing or lying on your back with knees bent, gently insert open end of the applicator into the vagina as deeply as it will go comfortably. Holding the applicator in place with thumb and middle finger, press the plunger until it stops. Withdraw the applicator. After use, pull the plunger all the way out of the barrel. Wash both parts of the applicator in warm soapy water. Rinse through thoroughly and dry. To reassemble, gently push the plunger back into the barrel as far as it will go.